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AT&T Merlin Phones

AT&T Merlin Phone

Business Telephone Sales sells AT&T Merlin Phones and AT&T Merlin Phone Accessories at the Lowest Prices.  All AT&T Merlin phones are refurbished, and must be used on either a Merlin Classic or  Merlin Plus Phone Systems.  If you have the right configuration you may be able to use AT&T Merlin Phones on the Legend telephone system with analog 408 cards. The AT&T Merlin telephones will not work as stand alone phones.  They come with a new handset cord, new line cord, and handset.  If you do not see what you are looking for, please call 800-396-9699.

Merlin Phone Features

The Merlin phone system comes with features such as Music on Hold, Music on Hold with Paging, voicemail, and phones as small as 5 buttons up to 72 buttons with speaker and display. The most popular Merlin phone is the Merlin BIS-10 telephone. The BIS-10 phone can support up to eight incoming lines and is two-way speakerphones. There are also the standard Merlin 5 button (model 7302) and 10 button (model 7303) which are the "membrane" phones. The standard Merlin phones are not two-way speakerphones, but have features such as intercom, transfer, and page. Business Telephone Sales sells many of the Merlin phones and accessories needed to keep your current system up and running.

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AT&T Merlin 10 button Phone


AT&T Merlin 34 Button Deluxe


AT&T Merlin BIS-10 Phone

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Merlin HFAI-10

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AT&T Merlin BIS-22D Phone


AT&T Merlin BIS-34 Phone


AT&T Merlin BIS-34D Phone


AT&T Handsets Refurbished

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AT&T Merlin Handset


AT&T Merlin Classic Handset Brand New


AT&T Merlin Amplified Handset

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