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AT&T Partner MLS Telephones

AT&T Partner MLS Phones

The AT&T Partner MLS phones were the original Partner phones.  They range from smaller four line phones with no speakerphone like the MLS-6 phone, to the MLS-34D phone which has a display and is a two way speakerphone.  The displays on the MLS phones will show caller ID if you have a Partner II system with 206EC cards or a Partner ACS system.  Otherwise, the lcd displays on the MLS phones will just show time, date, and last number dialed.  

Avaya Partner MLS-12 Phone

12492 12755 12776

Avaya Partner MLS-12D Phone

12493 12756 12777

Avaya Partner MLS-18D Phone

12494 12757 12778

Avaya Partner MLS-34D Phone

12496 12758

Avaya Partner MLS Handset


AT&T MLS-6 Plastic Overlay


Avaya Partner MLS 12 Label


Avaya Partner MLS 12/MLS 12D Plastic


Partner MLS-12D Label


AT&T MLS-34D Desi


MLS tabs for Wall Mounting


Avaya MLS Phone Base


AT&T Partner White Handset Cord

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