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AT&T Spirit 24 Button

Picture of AT&T Spirit 24 Button Phone

The AT&T Spirit 24 Button Phone can be used on the Spirit 308 or 1224 Control Unit. The Spirit 24 button phone is a two way speakerphone which will allow up to 24 incoming lines. If you do not have 24 lines you can use the additional buttons for speed dial. Speed dial can be used for others in your location (fellow employee’s stations), or out of office speed dial like Mom or the local Pizza place.

Features of the AT&T Spirit 24 Button Phone

Standard Features

  • Place a call to an outside party
  • Place an Intercom call to someone in your company
  • Answering an outside call
  • Placing a call on hold
  • Transferring a call
  • Talking to more than one party at a time (conference)
  • Turning your phone off to outside and transferred calls

Recognizing a Call

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There will be a flashing red light when there is an incoming call whether its internal or external. If the ringer is turned on the phone will also make a ringing noise. There are a variety of ringing patterns.

Busy Lamp Field (24-button sets only)

The red indicator lights next to the buttons on the 24 button phone can be used to show what is happening on each telephone on the system. The Spirit 24 button phone can be used as a secretary console to see who is on what line. If there are no lights then the station and line are idle (not in use). If the light is on, then the phone is busy. If the light is flashing quickly, the telephone is the source of an incoming intercom call or a call to that particular station. If the light is flashing slowly, the telephone is on hold.

Paging to All Extensions

The AT&T Spirit system will allow you to page all intercom extensions. When a telephone is involved in a page, the user will not hear if a call comes in.

Conference Calls

Maximum of 4 phones can be used on a conference call, but only 3 may be Spirit phones. The fourth phone must be another phone.

Ability to Adjust the Ringer, Receiver and Speakerphone Volume

You have the ability to turn your ringer volume down versus on or off to make it either louder or quieter depending on preference. You also may like to increase the volume of your voice on the other end. There is a volume control button on the phone.

We also sell parts for AT&T Spirit Phones, such as handsets and expansion cards for your growing business.

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