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Avaya Definity Phones

Avaya Definity Phones (Lucent Definity Phones)

Business Telephone Sales sells many of the Avaya Definity phones, phone systems, and Definity phone accessories (handsets, cords). Also known as the Lucent Definity Phone system, it is a great system to be used as a small business phone system but can grow extremely large. Definity System is a digital phone system which can enable up to hundreds of phones, caller ID, voicemail, and many other features. There are a variety of phones ranging from the Avaya 6408D+ telephone with display that has 8 programmable buttons all the way up to a Avaya 6424D+M which has 24 programmable buttons and is a speakerphone with display. The Definity telephones can have either an Avaya or a Lucent logo.

All Lucent Definity phones are refurbished and must be used on the appropriate telephone system. They come with a new handset cord, new line cord, and handset. If you do not see what you are looking for please call us at 800-396-9699.

Avaya Definity 6408d+ Phone

12450 12761 12840 14010 14011

Lucent Definity 6416D+ Phone


Avaya 6424D+M Phone


Avaya Lucent Definity Handsets


Dark Gray Handset Cord Long


25 Foot Handset Cord Definity Gray


25 foot 4 Pin Line Cord


50 foot 4 Pin Line Cord

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