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How Do I Change Time on Avaya Partner 18D Phone?

Every year, twice a year America is forced to change the time on all the clocks.  While this is easy to do on some appliances at home like a microwave, it is much more complicated to do on electronic items such as a business phone system.  One of the most common phone systems out there is the Avaya Partner system which often uses the Avaya Partner 18D phone with its nice LCD display.  

Avaya Partner ACS Phone System                                           
Must be done from extension 10 or 11.
  1. Press Feature and dial 00.
  2. Press the left intercom button twice.
  3. To set the time, press # and dial 103. Enter the correct time using a 24-hour format.
  4. To set the date, press # and dial 101. Enter the correct date using MMDDYY format.
  5. Press feature and dial 00 to save.
So for example, if you need to set the time for 09:00 PM you would type 0900.  If you do not get around to changing the clock in the evening at 05:00 PM you would enter in 1700 for 5PM. 

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