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Phone System Brands

This page lists the brands of phone systems sold by Business Telephone Sales.  We are able to get other equipment that is not listed, so please call with any questions, 800-396-9699.  

Business Telephone Sales is able to quote out a complete refurbished phone system to custom meet your needs.  Along with full phone systems we sell replacement phone sets as well as handsets, cords, and labels for many different brands and styles of phones.  There are compatibility issues with many of these phone systems and parts, so please let us know if you have any questions. 

AT&T Spirit 24 Button Phone


Avaya 4412D+ Phone

12459 15035

Avaya Definity 6408d+ Phone

12450 12761 12840 14010 14011

Comdial 7261 Phones


Comdial 8312 Phone


Comdial 8312SJ Phone


Samsung iDCS 8D Phone

Samsung iDCS 8D speaker phone with LCD display

Samsung iDCS Handset


Toshiba DKT-2010SD Phone

12712 12788

AT&T Merlin BIS-10 Phone

12397 12792

AT&T Spirit 6 button Phone


Avaya Partner 18 Phone


Avaya Partner 18D phone

12480 12754 12834 14003
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