We specialize in used & refurbished business phones for existing phone systems

Business Telephone Sales


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We specialize in selling and purchasing business phones, used business phones, and refurbished business phones. Our largest inventory of business phones is AT&T phone equipment, including Partner, Legend, Merlin, and Spirit. We also carry many accessories for business phones, such as painted handsets, handset cords, line cords, plastic & metal bases, and designation strips. We have the lowest prices on Nortel (Norstar) Meridian Phones, Toshiba Phones, Comdial, Inter-tel Premier, Executone, Tie, and many other brands of business phones.  All products we sell are refurbished and are tested and cleaned.  Phones will come with new labels, a new handset cord and a new line cord.

If you need parts or phone equipment for used business phones, we probably have what you need. We sell equipment for refurbished business phones and used business phones. Also, if you do not see what you are looking for, please call 800-396-9699 or contact us for assistance. 

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