We specialize in used & refurbished business phones for existing phone systems

Business Telephone Sales sells Avaya Partner Phone equiment at the lowest prices. We help you maintain your older phone system without having to deal with an expensive upgrade.  Business Telephone Sales sells the Partner Plus, Partner II, and Partner ACS phone systems, replacement phones such as the Partner 18D and MLS12D, as well as phone labels and handsets.  

Avaya used to be known originally as AT&T and then it was bought out by Lucent.  Your Partner phone system may have all three logos on different pieces.  For example, the processor could be an Avaya ACS processor with an AT&T 206e card attached to it.  The label on the Partner 6 phone could say Euro 6 or just Partner 6.  Most Partner phones will work on any of the Partner Plus, Partner II, and Partner ACS phone systems. You can mix and match the AT&T MLS12 phones on the same system you have the Avaya Partner 18D Series 2 phones.  If you have questions on compatibility please call us at 800-396-9699.

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