We specialize in used & refurbished business phones for existing phone systems

Business Telephone Sales sells Toshiba Digital phone equipment such as the very popular DKT2020-SD phone and the DKT2010-SD phone. Both the DKT2020SD and the DKT2010SD phones are speakerphones with LCD displays, but the DKT-2020SD has twenty buttons to allow for up to 20 phone lines and the DKT-2010SD has only 10 buttons allowing for up to 10 incoming lines. The newer style of the Toshiba DKT phones are the DKT3220-SD phones, they are compatible with the older DKT-2020SD but look a little different, some say more modern in appearance.  Business Telephone Sales also sells accessories for the Toshiba DKT phones such as replacement labels, DKT handsets and cords.  There are two main types of Toshiba DKT phones, the DKT2xxx seriesd and the DKT3xxx series.  Make sure if you are ordering replacement handsets, you get the correct one for your phone.  If you have questions on anything please call us at 800-396-9699.

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