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Comdial Impact

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If your company deals directly with customers or clients, then a telephone system that is quick and reliable is of the utmost importance. With this phone system, your employees must be able to handle a variety of communication tasks, whether it is a five person conference call or using a mobile phone while on the road or at a remote site to receive and make calls. The Comdial Impact phone system can handle these capabilities plus many more. Besides having plenty of useful and innovative features, your phone system must also be extremely reliable. Missed or dropped calls can be disastrous to your business, and the Comdial Impact phone system can prevent these misconnections from happening. Your customers and clients must be able to reach your company at any time, day or night, without delay or interruption, and the right phone system will ensure constant connectivity.

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We know it's tough in today's business world, and we want to make it as easy for you as possible. We know how important it is to have functioning phones and speedy Besides customer connection, your employees must also have a phone system available to them that they can use to constantly keep in touch with each other. Employees who are wasting time trying to get in touch with each other are not being productive. Business Telephone Sales is proud to offer used and refurbished Comdial Impact telephone systems that provide businesses with a reliable and innovative communications system that will keep them connected at all times. If you are searching for a high quality phone system, but are also looking to save a buck or two, then a refurbished phone system from Business Telephone Sales is probably the best way to go.

The Comdial Impact phones feature:

  • 12 to 24 line capacity
  • Can have LCD Display
  • Some are Full-Duplex Speakerphone
  • Hands-Free Answerback
  • Tri-Color Status LEDs
  • Message Waiting
  • Hold, Intercom, Page

To View In Stock Comdial Impact Phone Systems Click Here

To View In Stock Comdial Impact Telephones Click Here

Comdial is currently a part of Vertical Communications, but has been known for years as a leader in the communications services industry. For small to medium sized businesses, the Comdial Impact phone system is perfect for staying connected to customers and employees. With this innovative and reliable phone system, customers can reach you whenever necessary and employees will maximize productivity.

When purchasing a new phone system, ease of installation and learning must be taken into account. Neither you nor any of your employees has the time to install and then learn how to use a complicated new phone system. In a small business, employees often juggle many tasks at one time, and learning and installing new technology may lead to overload. With a Comdial Impact phone system, installing the new system takes very little time; everyone in your company will be using your new system in a matter of a day or two, instead of a week or two. Learning to use the new system will be as easy as learning your old system, hopefully even easier.

We thoroughly test each and every telephone that we refurbish and offer a 30 day warranty on all our equipment. Contact us at or call 1-800-396-9699 to speak directly with a Business Telephone Sales representative for more information regarding our used and refurbished telephones.

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