We specialize in used & refurbished business phones for existing phone systems

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PLEASE NOTE: All business telephones listed on this web site will operate only if connected to the appropriate phone system. They will not function as a stand-alone telephone.

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Business Telephone Sales sells many refurbished business telephones and complete refurbished business telephone systems.  If you need a system estimate specific to your needs just email us at and we will give an exact quote on a phone system tailored to your needs.

Business Telephone Sales needs the following information on what your needs are to build a complete business phone system:

  • How many incoming phone lines do you need?  (These lines do not include internet or fax)
  • How many telephones do you need to start with?
  • If you anticipate growing in the future how many lines/telephones will you need?
  • Do you want caller ID?
  • Do you want voicemail?
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