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Intertel 8560 Large LCD Phone

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Manufacturer: Intertel Axxess
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Intertel 8560 Large display phones

  • Must work on Inter-tel Axxess Phone System
  • Large LCD
  • Refurbished
  • Comes with stand, handset, and cords

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More Information on the InterTel Model 550.8560

The Intertel Axxess 550.8560 has a large display which is great for call processing capabilities. The display on the 550.8560 phones has six lines and is much bigger than the screen on the Inter-tel 550.8560 phne.  The large display on the Intertel 8560 phone allows you to easily flow through the system's features and capabilities.  The Intertel 8560 has eight what are called "soft keys" located next to the Large LCD to help reduce the time to make and receive calls, retrieve messages and access other features. The Inter-tel 8560 allows call transfering, intercom, and placing calls on hold very easily. 


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