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Nortel M7208 Phones

Business Telephone Sales sells Nortel Phones such as the Nortel M7208 Phone at the lowest prices. The Nortel M7208 Phones are very commonly used on the Nortel 616 and 824 phone systems. The Nortel M7208 official model number is the Nortel NT8B30.  Business Telephone Sales sells the Meridian M7208 Phones in its original colors: Black, Tan, and Grey.  We also sell the Meridian M7208 Phones at a discounted price in yellow. The Nortel M7208 phones in yellow are fully functional and clean, they have just been discolored due to age.  Each Nortel M7208 Phone comes with buttons already on the phone along with a feature label to show basic features like how to transfer and intercom. 

The Nortel M7208 phone can handle 1 incoming line up to 6 incoming lines.  These phones must be hooked up to a Nortel phone system in order to function as they are not standalone phones.  The Nortel M7208 has many features like handsfree mute, Intercom, speed dial, last number redial, and more which can be used on the buttons that are not assigned to outside phone lines. The buttons on the Nortel M7208 phones pop on and off and can be changed due to user preference.  

All phones are refurbished as we do not sell new product. The M7208 phones come with a new handset cord, new line cord, and handset along with a the feature label which has the most commonly used codes. 

Nortel M7208 Phone

12627 12895

Nortel M7208 Phone Tan


12 Foot Black Handset Cord


Nortel M7208 Yellow Phone

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