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Merlin Legend / Lucent Legend Phone System

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Business Telephone Sales sells used and refurbished Avaya Merlin Legend phone systems, Legend MLX phones, and Legend phone accessories (handsets, cords, labels). The Avaya Merlin Legend Phone system (also known as the Lucent and AT&T Legend system) is a great system to be used by small businesses, but can also be used for medium to large businesses as well as hotels. We sell a wide variety of Merlin Legend phones ranging from a MLX-5 all the way up to a MLX-28D.

Logos can be confusing, whether a logo is AT&T, Lucent, or Avaya it can be the exact same phone with a different silk screened logo. This is because AT&T changed its name to Lucent, then again to Avaya throughout the years.

Merlin Legend / Lucent Legend Phone Features

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Avaya Merlin Legend phone systems were the upgrade from the AT&T Merlin phone system. You can add older analog Merlin telephones such as the BIs-10 phone as long as you have a 408 GS/LS card. However, you still need at least one 408 GS/LX MLX card which supports the digital MLX telephones such as the MLX-10DP.

AT&T Merlin Legend phones can have anywhere from 5 to 28 programmable buttons for lines and stations, all the MLX telephones are speakerphones that allow intercom, transfer, hold, and conference. There are some MLX telephones that have LCD displays. If your Avaya Legend phone system has 408 GS/LX MLX ID cards your LCD will show caller ID. You must have a 408 MLX ID card in order to use caller ID regardless of what your local phone service provides.

Merlin Legend / Lucent Legend Telephone System Features

The Avaya Merlin Legend telephone system can support analog and digital telephones. You can also use single line telephone sets on Legend phone systems by using the 012 and 016 modules. This system also has voicemail which is compatible. You can easily have a small Legend system with four lines and up to eight or fewer phones. On the flip side, this system can expand to become very large adding multiple expansion carriers to the main 511A control unit. It is a very versatile system, and if you have questions on how to configure a full system to meet your exact needs please contact us at or call 800-396-9699.

These Legend phone systems can be very hard to program and install. We strongly recommend having a professional who has previous experience on Legend phone systems help you with your installation and programming.

Service & Reliability

We know how important it is to have a reliable phone provider who will stand behind their products. We thoroughly test each and every phone that we refurbish and offer a 30 day warranty on all our phones. Contact us at or call 1-800-396-9699 for more information regarding our business telephone systems

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