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Merlin Phone System

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The Merlin telephone system is ideal to be used as a small business phone system with its many features and expansion options.

We sell a variety of AT&T Merlin phone systems, parts, and accessories with multiple configurations and possible Merlin phones. The Merlin phone system can vary from 2 lines all the way up to 30 possible lines. We also sell replacement AT&T Merlin telephone parts such as handsets, handset cords, line cords, labels, and stands for your growing business.

Merlin BIS10 About our Merlin Phones

Merlin Phone Features

The Merlin phone system comes with features such as Music on Hold, Music on Hold with Paging, voicemail, and phones as small as 5 buttons up to 72 buttons with speaker and display. The most popular Merlin phone is the Merlin BIS-10 telephone. The BIS-10 phone can support up to eight incoming lines and is two-way speakerphones. There are also the standard Merlin 5 button (model 7302) and 10 button (model 7303) which are the "membrane" phones. The standard Merlin phones are not two-way speakerphones, but have features such as intercom, transfer, and page. Business Telephone Sales sells many of the Merlin phones and accessories needed to keep your current system up and running.

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Merlin Telephone Systems

AT&T created two types of Merlin phone systems, the Merlin Classic phone system (models 206, 410, 820, 1030) and the Merlin Plus phone system (models 820D & 820D). These systems were manufactured in the 1980's and are still being used in businesses all over the country. While the AT&T Merlin phone systems are workhorses, they will not support caller ID. If you are hoping to upgrade your Merlin system by adding on caller ID, you would need to replace your entire phone system with a completely different system. Business Telephone Sales sells many of the parts and accessories needed to keep your current system functioning like Feature Packages, Music on Hold Cartridges, Line Cards, and Station Cards.

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Service & Reliability

We know how important it is to have a reliable phone provider who will stand behind their products. We offer a 30-day warranty on all our phones as well as toll free customer service.

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