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Nortel M7324 Phone

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Manufacturer: Nortel
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Nortel Meridian M7324 telephone (NT8B40) has 24 programmable buttons that can be used as lines, features, and auto dial numbers. The Norstar M7324 phone has a two line LCD screen which displays information such as the date and if there is a voice mail message. There is also a volume control button located on the bottom of the phone. The Nortel M7324 phone comes in ash, grey, and black.

  • Nortel M7324's Model number is NT8B40
  • Allows up to twenty-four incoming lines
  • Display phone that shows time, date, and if you have a voicemail message
  • Twenty-four buttons can be used for speed dial numbers, lines, or features
  • Volume control button
  • Speakerphone
  • Conference, transfer, paging, intercom
  • Compatible with Meridian phone systems (308,616, 824)
  • Comes in ash, gray, or black
  • Refurbished
  • Nortel telephone comes with handset, stand, new line cord, and new handset cord

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The Nortel M7324 Phone acts in a lot of offices as the secretary phone.  Most commonly the Nortel M7324 phone supports between 8-16 lines. The rest of the buttons on the Nortel M7324 phone can be programmed for many individualized preferences such as last number, DND (do not disturb), Transfer, Pickup, Page, Etc.  The Nortel M7324 can have many silk screened logos such as Norstar M7324, Meridian M7324, Bellsouth M7324, and so on.  As long as the back of the phone near the jack has the model number sticker wihch should say M7324 and NT8B40, all of the Nortel M7324 phones are the same regardless of logo. 

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