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Nortel Phones

Nortel Phones

Business Telephone Sales sells Nortel Phones such as the Nortel M7310 Phone at the lowest prices. The brand Nortel is also known as Northern Telecom. Many of the Nortel phones have different silk screened logos on the top of the phones. These logos can say Nortel Meridian, Norstar, Bellsouth, and Nortel Networks.  The main thing you need to verify is the model number on the bottom of the phone. For example, the Nortel M7310 will also say NT8B20 on the bottom of the phone and the Nortel Networks T7316e will say NT8B27.  You cannot use a Nortel M7310 on the same system as you would the M2616 LCD phone and vice versa.  If you have a Nortel MICS or CICS system you can use either Meridian M7324 and Nortel T7316, but if you have the Nortel 824 or Nortel 616 phone system you must confirm you have DR5 software in order to use the Nortel T7316e phones as they were designed for the Nortel M7310, Nortel M7324, and M7208 phones and the lower release software will not support the Nortel T7316/T7316e phones. 

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Nortel M7208 Phone

12627 12895

Nortel M7310 Phone

12629 12759 09001 12798 15032

Nortel T7208 Phone

12636 12820

Nortel T7316 Phone


Nortel T7316e Phone

12775 12783 12817

Nortel Meridian T Series Handset


Charcoal Handset Cord


Long Charcoal Handset Cord


12 Foot Black Handset Cord


Nortel M7100 Phone

12619 22923

Nortel M7310 BLF


10 Pack Nortel T7316e Phones

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