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Nortel phones have been a leader in communication services for decades, and Business Telephone Sales is proud to offer Nortel's high quality and reliable business phones and systems to its customers at the lowest prices on the market. Nortel is known throughout the world as a leader in communication services, including Voice over IP, multimedia services and applications, and wireless broadband services. With a business phone system from Nortel, your company will be able to take advantage of Nortel's years of experience as an innovator in the communication technology field.

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About Nortel Phones

An effective and reliable communication system is vital to the success of your business. Without a reliable phone system, you may be prone to missing or dropping calls from customers, which could lead to a dramatic loss in revenue. Also, an ineffective communication system with fellow employees can lead to decreased productivity and efficiency. In either case, an unreliable phone system could dramatically affect your bottom line. By using Nortel phones, you will be able to avoid all of these problems. Trying to fix a faulty phone system can take up much of your valuable time - time which you should be spending doing the work you are supposed to be doing. With Nortel phones, customer service and employee efficiency will be maximized. To find the Nortel phone system that will best suit your business, browse through our inventory of Nortel Phones*.

Refurbished Nortel Telephones

Nortel manufactures many model numbers of telephones. However, not all Nortel phones are compatible with every Nortel Meridian Telephone System. Business Telephone Sales only sells the Nortel M7000 Series and T7000 series telephones, such as the Meridian M7310 phone and Nortel Networks T7316 phones below at the lowest prices.

Accessories for Used Business Phones

At Business Telephone Sales, we have been supplying businesses across the country with high quality telephone systems for over 19 years. We also offer a number of accessories for your phones, including: painted handsets, handset cords, line cords, plastic and metal bases, and designation strips. We take great pride in delivering effective communication systems that allow you and your employees to communicate with each other and your clients without interruption. Your telephone is often the most important piece of equipment that you utilize from day to day, and ensuring that you have a phone system that works as you need it to is imperative.

We sell pieces individually with no minimums, unlike many of our competitors that insist on selling packages of 5 or 10 units.

Other Brands Refurbished Business Phones

Save your business money by looking into our refurbished phones. Business Telephone Sales carries an extensive amount of refurbished business phones, phone accessories, and phone parts. Our refurbished phones have been tested, approved, and are ready to be sent to your business. All refurbished phones come with a 30 day warranty. You can purchase refurbished phones directly online or call 800-396-9699.

Contact us at or call 1-800-396-9699 to speak directly with a Business Telephone Sales representative for more information regarding our used and refurbished telephones.

*Nortel can also be referred to as Northern Telecom, Norstar, Nortel Meridian, and Norstar Meridian.

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