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Nortel System 5 Phones, Voicemail, Caller ID

PLEASE NOTE: All business telephones listed on this web site will operate only if connected to the appropriate phone system. They will not function as a stand-alone telephone.

Manufacturer: Nortel
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Nortel System 5 Phones, Voicemail, Caller ID


You will receive the following refurbished telephone system:

  • Nortel MICS 6.0 KSU that will allow 4 lines and up to 32 phones
  • QTY 5--M7310 phones in Black
  • CI Caller ID Card that allows for caller ID on four incoming lines
  • Startalk Flash 2 Port Voicemail with built in Auto Attendant
  • Refurbished

Nortel 7310 / Nortel M7310 Telephone (Norstar 7310 / Norstar M7310)  NT8b20

Nortel Meridian M7310 Phone allows up to 6 lines, and has 10 programmable buttons. The Meridian M7310 has a 12 dual function auto dial buttons located at the top right of the phone. The Meridian M7310 phone has a two line LCD screen which displays information such as the date and if there is a voice mail message. The Nortel M7310 also has a volume control button located on the bottom of the phone. The Nortel Meridian M7310 phone comes in grey and black.

  • Model NT8B20
  • Allows up to ten incoming lines
  • Display phone that shows time, date, number called
  • Has 12 memory buttons that can be used for speed dial numbers
  • Volume control button
  • Speakerphone
  • Conference, transfer, paging, intercom
  • Compatible with Meridian phone systems (308,616, 824)
  • Comes in black
  • Refurbished
  • Nortel telephone comes with handset, stand, new line cord, and new handset cord
You will need someone to professionally install/program this system for you and provide punch down blocks/Amphenol Cables, as well as get any documentation needed.  This system has music on hold built into the processor but a separate cord must be purchased to go along with your music source (CD player, tape player, radio).

*MICS units can be further expanded with the use of the M12X0 and M0X16 as long as you have the expansion card (NT5B27GA – 6 port Copper Expansion card that will allow you to add on up to six of the M0X16 and M12X0; NT5B26GA – 2 port Copper Expansion card that will allow you add on up to two of the M0X16 and M12X0). 

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