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Northern Telecom 824 DS DR5 Phone System

PLEASE NOTE: All business telephones listed on this web site will operate only if connected to the appropriate phone system. They will not function as a stand-alone telephone.

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Nortel Meridian 824 DS DR 5 Business Phone System

  • Northern Telecom DS 824 Phone System
  • Comes with DR5 software
  • Comes ready to support 8 telephone lines
  • Comes ready to support 24 telephones
  • DS stands for Disconnect Service
  • Can be expanded futher if needed*
  • Nortel - Norstar NTNT5B20FC
  • Refurbished

*824 units can be further expanded with the use of the M12X0 and M0X16 as long as you have the expansion card (NT5B27GA – 6 port Copper Expansion card that will allow you to add on up to six of the M0X16 and M12X0; NT5B26GA – 2 port Copper Expansion card that will allow you add on up to two of the M0X16 and M12X0).   

Fibber is newer, Copper is older.  If you have a copper expansion card then you must use Copper M12X0 or Copper M0X16, if you have a fibber expansion card then you must use fibber M12X0 and fibber M0X16.  Each M12X0 adds on 12 incoming lines and each M0X16 adds on up to 16 more M7000 series phones like the Meridian M7310 telephone set. 

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