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Toshiba DK14 Phone System

PLEASE NOTE: All business telephones listed on this web site will operate only if connected to the appropriate phone system. They will not function as a stand-alone telephone.

Manufacturer: Toshiba
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The Toshiba DKT16 Phone system comes basic to support 4 lines and up to 8 Toshiba DKT business phone sets.  This can be expanded to 8 lines and up to 16 phones with additonal cards.  The Toshiba Strata DK16 Phone System works the Toshiba DKT phones such as the DKT2010SD and Toshiba DKT2020SD phones. 


This unit is refurbished.

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Toshiba DK 16 PBX system:

• Account Codes Forced/ Verifiable/ Voluntary 
• All Call Voice Page 
• Alternate Point Answer 
• Automatic Busy Redial 
• Automatic Callback Intercom 
• Automatic Hold 
• Automatic Station Relocation 
• Auxiliary Device Interface (Optional) 
• Background Music Interface 
• Busy Station Transfer/Ringing 
• CO Line Groups/ Queuing 
• Conferencing (DK8: Optional): Multi-Stations, Multi-CO Lines 
• Day/Night Modes 
• Delayed Ringing 
• Direct Inward System Access
• Distinctive Ringing 
• DTMF and Dial Pulse Compatible 
• Flexible Button Assignment 
• Flexible Intercom Numbering 
• Flexible Line Ringing Assignment 
• Group Paging 
• Intercom Hold 
• Live System Programming 
• Messaging 
• Multiple Simultaneous Hands free Intercom Paths 
• Music-On-Hold Interface/ Source 
• Night Ringing Answer Pick-up 
• Non-Blocking Intercom/ Dialing 
• Outgoing Call Restriction 
• Pooled CO Lines 
• Power Failure Transfer 
• Standard Telephone Compatibility 
• Station Hunting 
• Station Lock Password 
• System Programming Through Station 
• System Speed Dial 
• Tandem CO Line Connections 
• Toll Restriction (6-digits) 
• Toll Restriction Override 
• Voice Mail Integration 
• Voice or Tone Signaling 

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