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Toshiba DKT Phones

Toshiba DKT Phones

Business Telephone Sales sells Toshiba Digital DKT telephones such as the Toshiba DKT-2010SD and Toshiba DKT-3220SD at the lowest prices. The Toshiba DKT2010SD is a two way speakerphone that also has a display.  The 2010SD is the original display phone for the Toshiba Digital phone system. The Toshiba 3210SD is the newer version of the same phone.  The DKT3210SD has a more modern appearance but works exactly the same. The Toshiba phones on this page cn be mixed and matched. If you are not sure which Toshiba phones will work on your system, please feel free to ask. If you need any cards, power supplies, or a full system please let us know.

All Toshiba telephones are refurbished, and come with a new handset cord, new line cord, and handset.

Toshiba DP 5000 Handset


Toshiba DKT-2010 Label


Toshiba DKT-3220SD Phone

12706 12816

Toshiba DKT-2020 plastic


Long Charcoal Handset Cord


Toshiba BHEU1A Headset Board


Toshiba Backs


25 foot 4 Pin Line Cord


50 foot 4 Pin Line Cord


Charcoal Handset Cord

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