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Toshiba Business Phones


Business Telephone Sales sells Toshiba business phones and accessories at the lowest prices. Toshiba has been selling business phones for years, and we help you maintain your system and keep it functioning without an expensive upgrade.  Business Telephone Sales sells replacement Toshiba phones such as the DKT digital phones and the older EKT electronic phones.  Handsets, Cords, and phone labels are part of our inventory of Toshiba items available for sale.  

All Toshiba business phones are refurbished and come with a handset, handset cord, and label.  The Toshiba phones listed below must work on the correct Toshiba phone system.  If you try hooking one of our Toshiba phones in where you do not have a phone system or the right one it may not work. If you have any questions on compatibly please call us at 800-396-9699. 

Toshiba DKT-3020SD Phone


Long Cream Handset Cord


Toshiba DKT-3210SD Telephone

12723 12785 12814

Long Charcoal Handset Cord


Cream Handset Cord


Toshiba DKT-3010S Phone


Toshiba DKT-3020S Phone


Toshiba DKT-3210S Phone


Toshiba DKT3220S Phone


25 foot 4 Pin Line Cord


50 foot 4 Pin Line Cord


NEC DTH / DTR Handset


Toshiba DKT 30XX Handset


Toshiba DP 5000 Handset


Toshiba DKT-2020 plastic


Toshiba DKT DADM2020

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