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Toshiba Phone Systems

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At Business Telephone Sales, we provide small and large businesses with high-quality used and refurbished Toshiba phone systems at the lowest prices available. Toshiba is known world-wide for its reliable electronic equipment, from DVD players to televisions to cell phones, and we offer their excellent used Toshiba business phones.

Toshiba Telephone Systems

The Need for Reliability

As with most businesses, you and your employees probably spend a good deal of your work day on the phone, talking to clients or associates. Without a reliable phone system, you may have no way to communicate with fellow employees or clients, which could lead to disaster for your company. Unfortunately, most companies do not realize how important a reliable phone system is until their current one fails them. With a Toshiba phone system, you won't have to worry about whether your phones work, and you can keep yourself and your employees focused on increasing profits for your company.

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Toshiba offers a variety of phone systems from the older electronic Toshiba EKT phones and systems to the newer digital Toshiba DKT phones and systems. Contact us to receive more information about the Toshiba phone systems we have to offer such as the larger Toshiba DK280 and DK424 or the smaller DK16 and DKT40 phone systems. Whether your company is a one-man operation or a multinational corporation, we have the appropriate telephone solutions that will keep your company connected to the world. With a phone system from Toshiba, you will have access to numerous features which will help make the communication process that much easier and effective.

Currently we do not have our used and refurbished Toshiba phone system inventory on the website, please email us at or call us at 800-396-9699 to check availability on anything Toshiba related.

Toshiba Telephones

At Business Telephone Sales, we specialize in used and refurbished business phones for existing phone systems. If your company currently uses a Toshiba phone system, then we can supply you with Toshiba phones to add to your system or to replace old or damaged phones. We also offer a number of accessories for your phones, including: painted handsets, handset cords, line cords, plastic and metal bases, and designation strips.

With over ten years experience in supplying companies with high quality, reliable telephone systems, we know how to provide our clients with telephones and accessories that are appropriate to their business. The telephone can be as important a component to a business as anything else, and it is imperative that your phones work to their full capacity at all times. Missing or dropping a call because of a faulty phone system could potentially cost your company a great deal of money.

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We thoroughly test each and every phone that we refurbish and offer a 30 day warranty on all our phones. Contact us at info@businesstelephone.comor call 1-800-396-9699 for more information regarding our business telephone systems.

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