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Vodavi Telephones

Business Telephone Sales sells many Vodavi Phones including the Vodavi Starplus STS phones such as the 3515-71 phones.  The Vodavi 3515-71 works on the STS 3500-00 phone system.  Business Telephone Sales also sells the older Vodavi Starplus phones that are the 61614, 61614, and 61610. These Vodavi phones work on the Vodavi 616 Flex system (and a few others others like the 308EX and 616EX).  The stands for the Vodavi 616xx phones is a wall mount stand that will only work on the 61614, 61612, and 61610 phones, it does not fit the Vodavi STS 3515-71.  If you need the wall mount kit for the Vodavi 3515-71 phone please call us at 800-396-9699 for availability.  

All Vodavi phones are refurbished and come with a handset, new handset cord, new line cord, and necessary labels.  

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Vodavi Starplus 61612 Enhanced Phone


Vodavi 61614 Phone


Vodavi Amplified Handset


Vodavi Starplus Handset


Vodavi STS 3515-71 Phone

12797 12812 12905

Vodavi STS 3515-71 Label


Vodavi 3015 Handset Charcoal


Vodavi XTS 3015-71 Phone

12751 12802

Vodavi 3015-71 Label


Vodavi DHS Handset 73XX


Vodavi DHS 7312-71 Phone


Vodavi STS 3500 Phone System

Vodavi STS 3500 System

Vodavi STSe 3501 Phone System

Vodavi STS 3501 System
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