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Avaya Phone

Business Telephone Sales sells refurbished Avaya phones that work on a variety of Avaya phone systems including the Avaya Partner, Avaya IP, Avaya Merlin, Avaya Legend, Avaya Definity, and Avaya Magix.  Do not forget accessories such as handsets, cords, labels and plastic overlays.  We have it all, and if you do not see it or if you have an Avaya system and are not sure which phone you need, please call us at 800-396-9699.  

Avaya IP Phones: Avaya 2420, Avaya 5410, Avaya 5420, Avaya 2410 & More. 

Avaya Partner Phones: Avaya Partner 18D, Avaya Partner 18D 2, Avaya Partner 34D, Avaya Partner 6 & More.

Avaya Merlin Phones: Avaya BIS-10, Avaya BIS-22, Avaya BIS-22D, Avaya BIS-34D & More.

Avaya Definity Phones: Avaya 6408D+, Avaya 6416D+, Avaya 6416D+M & More.

Avaya Legend Phones: Avaya MLX-10DP, Avaya MLX-10D, Avaya MLX-16DP, Avaya MLX-20L & More.

Avaya Magix Phones: Avaya 4406D+, Avaya 4412D+, Avaya 4424D+ & More. 


Avaya 4412D+ Phone

12459 15035

Avaya Definity 6408d+ Phone

12450 12761 12840 14010 14011

Avaya Partner 18 Phone


Avaya Partner 18D Series II Phone


Avaya Partner 34D Phone

12482 12782

Avaya Partner 6 Phone

12483 12763

Avaya Partner Euro handset


Avaya Partner Euro Series II Handset


Lucent Definity 6416D+ Phone


Lucent Magix 4406D+ Telephone


Avaya Partner 18D phone

12480 12754 12834 14003

Avaya IP Handset Cord Short


AT&T Merlin BIS-10 Phone

12397 12792

AT&T Merlin BIS-22 Phone


AT&T Merlin BIS-22D Phone


Avaya T7316e Phone

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