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Internet and the Savvy Shopper

Buying online has been taking off and taking over for the last few years.  You can go on Facebook to see your friends, but then there are ads off to the side or promoted ads that are to get you to buy something you  have been looking at, like booking a trip and now all the sudden you are seeing hotels following you as you browse the Internet.

Now Social Media is also helping customers make better decisions on purchases along with finding the best deals.  While this is amazing on so many different levels, it also can continue to add to our disposable society and keeping up with the newest greatest thing or technology that will be replaced any second.

This is happening to businesses and business phones.  Here at Business Telephone Sales we get calls every day from customers who are switching their phone service and need a phone for their business.  The phone company is not giving them any specific information, just saying go buy a phone. Most business phone systems are designed to be very specific.  You must have a controller that the phones connect to, and there are compatibility issues. When looking to buy phone equipment, please call and ask any questions before hand as I am sure it will save you trouble down the road.

The phones we sell will work with any phone service provider whether it is a traditional phone line from AT&T to a cable line from a company like Comcast.  However, you still need the actual phone system (brains/ksu) to run the system which connects to the phone service provider's box, and then of course you will need the phones.

One of the perks to getting a phone system like this is the phones work together as a team.  Meaning you can put one person on hold and pick it up at another location.  You can page, intercom, transfer and even forward offsite depending on what system you have.  The multi-line phones you buy in stores like Staples and Best Buy do not have these features and often disappoint. 

Any questions, call us at 800-396-9699 and we will help build the perfect business phone system for your needs.

Question - I have a Spirit Phone System, do I have to use a Spirit Phone?

Question - Currently, I have a Spirit Communications System 308/616 phone system set up in my office and need new phones.  Can I plug in any ordinary phone with this system to work or do Spirit phones only work with this system?  

Answer - No, you cannot plug in just any phone and it work. The AT&T Spirit phone system was made that only Spirit phones will work.  You can use either the 6 button or 24 button phones and get them in either cream or black, but any other phone you try on the system will appear as defective or dead.

Question - How do I add a Station Card to a Merlin Plus System?

Question - I have a Merlin 820D2 with one station card.  Will I need to do any re-programming if I add a second station card or do I just power down the unit, add the card, and then power the unit back up?

Answer - Yes, That is all you have to do, then you will add on 10 more stations, no more programming necessary.

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