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M7310 Phones

Manufactured by Nortel, the M7310 phones offer versatility and easy functions for every day office users.  The twelve buttons located on the top of the phone have a few different uses.  One way to use them is to program them for in-office speeddial, so one touch dialing to reach a colleague. Another way to make your M7310 phone work for you is to use those buttons for out-of-office speeddial.  If there is a vendor or client you call frequently, just press that button and you are on your way.  

The M7310 phones can be programmed for 1 incoming phone line up to 10.  The colored button caps pop on and off, so you are able to alter your phone's appearance for your company's specific need.  I would say most commonly businesses use either 4 or 6 lines when operating the M7310 phones.  

M7310 Phone
Can I Transfer Calls From My Wireless Headset?

Can I Transfer Calls From My Wireless Headset?

Here at Business Telephone Sales we sell both wired and wireless headsets.  Obviously if you are on a wired headset you are connected to your telephone and able to transfer calls like normal using your phone.  Regarding the use of ANY wireless headset with a business system, the headset user has no remote access to any functionality of the telephone other then answering and hanging up. Any dialing, transferring of calls, or even putting someone on hold must be done from the telephone set itself (although the headset does have a mute button and volume control).

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