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What Does Euro Mean When Referring to an Avaya Partner Phone?

When AT&T made the original Partner system, it utilized MLS style telephones. The Partner MLS phones were used on the Partner, Partner Plus, and Partner II phone systems. Then Avaya bought out Lucent (AKA AT&T) and made a newer version of the MLS phone.  At the time, they were heavily known as the Euro Phones.  The Avaya Euro phones had a sleeker more modern appearance than the MLS phones.  However, by them using the nickname Euro, it confused many consumers into thinking these phones were to be used in Europe and not in the United States.  

This is just to clarify the Partner Euro phones will in fact work with the phone lines in the United States, and the Avaya Partner phone systems can be used whether you have a traditional phone line or are using a Cable company to provide phone service. The word Euro is still on some of the Partner phone labels, but the nickname is becoming a thing of the past. 

So rest assured, if you need an Avaya Partner 18 or an Avaya Partner 18D and you see it described as the Partner Euro 18 or Partner Euro 18D they are the same phone.  

If you have any questions about the Partner phone system, compatibility or the even newer style phones referred to as the Series II please give Business Telephone Sales a call at 800-396-9699. 

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