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Where did Nortel Go?

Here at Business Telephone Sales, we sell Nortel phones.  However, we are a reseller of their older, discontinued products. We buy old ones, take them in and refurbish them to resell.  This does not make us Nortel.  Every day we get calls asking if we are Nortel or how to get in touch with Nortel.  I am sad to say Nortel went out of business years ago.  While they were Canada's biggest telecom communications company, they were just not able to survive.  An American company, Avaya, bought out most of Nortel's products.  They are manufacturing some of Nortel phones and silk screening it with an Avaya logo (for example the used to be Nortel T7316e is now Avaya T7316e).

So, if you have a Nortel phone system and need technical help, there is no clear cut way to find it by contacting the manufacturer directly.  You can attempt to call Avaya, but more than likely they will not assist.  If you need someone to come to your location, to troubleshoot, to reduce number of rings to voicemail, etc.  your best bet is to find a local instalelr to see about helping with your immediate needs.

One way to find a local installer is to go to and put in your zip code.  Then call around and explain your needs and ask what they charge.  You may want to call a few places just to get different quotes. If you need replacement parts, like Nortel phones, Nortel systems, or Nortel Voicemails we can assist with that!

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