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How to Wall Mount an AT&T Merlin Phone

If you buy an AT&T Merlin phone that comes ready to sit on a desk or have one in your office that you need to hang on the wall there are a few steps required so the handset will not fall off once the phone is hanging on a wall.  

First, pick up the handset you will see a clear rectangular piece of plastic that holds in a white piece of paper where people write their phone number or extension.  Remove the plastic overlay and piece of paper.  You will then find a flat head screw, this needs to be removed.  Once the screw is out, you can take the tab out of the phone. The tab will then need to be reversed 180 degrees and reinserted.  Finally replace the flathead screw and other accessories. This will help the handset not fall off when it is hanging on the wall. 

There is also a special stand that attaches to the bottom of the phone so it does not tilt like it would if it were being used on a desk. If you are placing an order for an AT&T Merlin phone and need it to hang on the wall let us know and we will send the wall base.  

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