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Nortel T7316e and Caller ID

Common Question:

Does the Nortel T7316e Phone Handle Caller ID?


It is not about if the phone can handle caller ID, it is about if your Nortel system can.  The Nortel T7316e phone will only work if connected to a Nortel phone system regardless of phone service.  If your Nortel phone system is an MICS or CICS with a CI caller ID card the display will show caller ID.  If you have a Nortel BCM system, then this phone will also show caller ID.  The older Nortel systems like the 824 and 616 will run this phone but will not show caller ID even if you have caller ID through your local phone company.  

If you do not have a Nortel phone system this phone will not work at all for you.  

Nortel T7316e Phone

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