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Sustainability – The Ability To Endure, To Maintain, To Support

More and more these days the term “sustainability” is a topic I hear about and read about when it comes to the earth, producing food, going green, etc.  Many corporations are now producing “sustainability reports” showing the details of how they are incorporating the “three pillars of sustainability” into their daily operations. 

The Three Pillars of Sustainability is to overall reduce the negative impact humans.

  1. Managing the Environment which falls under the ecological way of thinking of sustainability
  2. Managing Human Consumption of resources such as food and products which is the economic approach to sustainability as well as the running out of resources
  3. Political and Cultural Concerns

There are environmental costs for using many resources; and scientists, inventors, and people are trying to find alternatives so we don’t run out of resources.  Everyone is responsible for making sure there will be healthy food to eat, clean air to breathe, and products to buy to maintain a certain quality of life. 

Here at Business Telephone Sales we have been continuously working to improve our efforts in creating a sustainable business plan.  The measures we have taken have become easy and second nature to all who work here and can be easily copied by other companies as every little bit to save the earth, keep items  out of landfills, and help reduce production of new items helps when you add it up.  A lot of these methods also save the company money and in now way compromise our quality services we provide.

Examples of some of the sustainability methods used daily at Business Telephone Sales:

  1. Items such as boxes, copy paper, and paper products like toilet paper and paper towels all come from recycled materials. 
  2. Our printer we use has the lowest cost of ink and prints the most pages using the least amount of ink and this actually saves us money and helps us go through less products. 
  3. We try our best o reuse any parts we can from defective phones such as housings, buttons, plastics, and accessories whenever possible. 
  4. All defective “greenboards” get recycled professionally as well as all used cords we receive in. 
  5. The boxes from incoming shipments go in our cardboard recycler. 
  6. Glass and plastic bottles get recycled. 
  7. By purchasing used phone systems they don’t end up in landfills and get reused.
  8. For those systems we do not purchase we provide resources to help the customer find local ways to recycle their electronic goods
  9. Our warehouse does not have air conditioning (fans help to cool the Florida summers)
  10. Promote car pooling
  11. All computers are set to energy efficient power down cycles
  12. Get rags cleaned professionally to reuse versus using disposable
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