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What Does "ReplaceSysBat W/Power On" Mean?

If you have an Avaya Partner Phone System, you may see this message on any phone with a display that is connected to the system.  The message that appears on the display portion of the Partner phone will read ReplaceSysBat W/Power On when it is time to replace two AAA batteries which are located in your Avaya Partner ACS processor. This is an easy replacement and a professional is not required, just a little know how. 

 Avaya Partner ACS Processor

This is your Avaya Partner ACS Processor.

This is the bottom of the processor where the AAA batteries are held.  The black plastic piece that is located in between the + and – needs to move in an upward direction.  Once you move this piece upward the battery cover will come loose.  Put this piece in a safe place during the changing of the batteries.

    Now that the battery cover has been removed you can see the direction the new AAA     batteries need to be inserted.  Once the new batteries have been installed, place the       battery cover back on and place the black piece in between the + and – to secure it       into place.

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